MISS WORLD. It’s new, it’s young, it’s fresh, it’s versatile, it’s playful and it’s right now

MISS WORLD is made up of many different styles and personas, according to your mood and personal preference, as we all know how often a girl can change her mind!

It’s sassy, it’s sporty, it’s girly, it’s glam, it’s romantic and it’s badass!

So, whatever alter ego you may find yourself in today, we have what you desire.

Here at MISS WORLD, we want you to look and feel your best always, even when you are not at your most super charged, you can still put on your best ‘Girl Power’ outfit and rule the world!

We aim to please, and therefore strive to make sure that we provide you with the best quality, the best fabric, the best design and the best service – it’s nothing but the best for you.

MISS WORLD is new and young and is excited to take this journey to expand and grow with you, learning along the way what you love, desire and can’t live without.

We look forward always, and especially in doing business together with you.